Hash Xmas Party - Saturday, 9 December 2023

Deadline for registration - 2 December 2023 (midnight)


Date & Location: 

Saturday, 9 December 2023, at Schwabl Wirt

Starting time:

Doors open at 17:00 with an Aperitif, followed by any of the drinks listed below.
Soup will be served at 18:30, followed by the Main Course, then there will be an entertainment break, followed by the Dessert.
Note the earlier than normal start time!


Erdbergstrasse 111, in the Third District.

Public Transport:

Take the U3 to Schlachthausgasse and it's a few minutes walk from there.

There will be a 3-course meal (see details on the form), plenty to drink, awards for hashers, music and dancing.
This will cost you only €30, payable on the night, provided you have Hashed 5 times this year,
otherwise it is €50 (which is still a bargain)
Please note: Drinks are included in the price up until midnight and will be served by the waiters.
You can choose beer (draft Puntigamer), red wine (Zweigelt and Blauer Portugieser) or white wine (Grüner Veltliner and Welschriesling), water, soft drinks or coffee.
Schnapps (spirits) or sekt are not included, so you must pay for these items yourself.
If you order any drinks directly at the bar, these must be paid for by the individuals ordering.

Registration Form

Xmas Party
Reg. No. Hash Name
1 The Blessed Saint Stormin' Norman, OVH
2 Rowed Runner
3 NoBalls Prize
4 Sex - O - Phone
5 Cumming to Touch You
6 O Sodomia!
7 Holy Roamin' Empress, Ice Queen, OVH
8 Mindphuck
9 Just In Beaver
10 Walrus
11 Null Cumma Josef
12 Queenie
13 Prince of Barkness, Slush Puppie, OVH
14 "Anis S"
15 Prima Donna
16 Needleman
17 Boottlegg Sister
18 Root C
19 2Bob
20 Casting Couch
21 The Famous Pimpsqueak
22 Scarlet Pimpernel
23 Professor, DDr. Felch, Mind the Gap (MTG), OVH
24 Sleeping Partner
25 Court Jester, Free Willie, OVH
26 "Just Manfred"
27 Merry Me
28 Grande Madame de Toilette, Marie Tamponette, OVH
29 Sperminator
30 Rear Admiral Flying Dutchman, OVH
31 Tonto
32 Pussy Galore
33 Nail Me
34 Anita Hanjob
35 Victoria's Secret
36 Lucky Me
37 Miss Piss
38 Cockwork Orange
39 Septic Yank
40 King Ralph
41 Pop Ur Cork
42 Mother Superior, Matter over Mind (MOM), OVH
43 007
44 Glory Daze
45 Cardinal Munk, OVH
46 My Pint of View
47 "Kari P"
48 "Ritva P"
49 Whoppa
50 Oh Fardolena
51 Daisy Balls
52 Morhaer von Richard Kopf, OVH