Vindobona Hash House Harriers

VH3 30th Anniversary Weekend - 27 to 29 April 2012 - Registrations


Reg. No. Hash Name Home Hash Status Lift Friday
1 Lord Glo-Balls, OVH Vindobona Paid Car
2 Happy Feet Vindobona Cancelled Cancelled
3 The Blessed Saint Norman, OVH Vindobona Paid Car
4 Rowed Runner Vindobona Paid Car
5 Screwbear Sydney Thirsty Paid Rent Car
6 Moosef*cker Sydney Thirsty Paid Rent Car
7 Afterglow (MSGK) Vindobona Paid Bus Sunday
8 Groin Biter Be Douin Your Hash Paid Rent Car
9 Bubbles Bergen Full Moon Paid Bus
10 Fallen Angel Vindobona Paid Car
11 Sex Energy Vindobona Paid Car
12 Marie Tamponette Vindobona Paid Car
13 Sex - O - Phone Vindobona Paid Bus
14 Slush Puppie Vindobona Paid Car
15 Ice Queen Vindobona Paid Bus Sunday
16 Matter over Mind (MOM) Vindobona Paid Bike
17 Root C Anal Vindobona Paid Car
18 Free Willie Vindobona Paid Car
19 Casting Couch Vindobona Paid Car
20 Oliver Kun't Vindobona Paid Car
21 Stiff Meat Essex Paid Bus
22 Pippi Longcocking Stockholm Absolut Paid Bus
23 The Vicar Oslo Paid Rent Car
24 Flying Chicken Oslo Paid Rent Car
25 Marcus Skiddius Dublin Paid Bus
26 Sinex Taunton Paid Bus
27 The Bag Taunton Paid Bus
28 Dancing Queen East Grinstead Paid Bus
29 Fire Balls East Grinstead Paid Bus
30 Cardinal Munk, OVH Vindobona Paid Bus
31 King Gook Vindobona Paid Cancelled
32 NoBalls Prize Vindobona Paid Car
33 Anita Hanjob Vindobona Cancelled Cancelled
34 Yark Sucker Stuttgart Paid Lift (Flying Chicken), Bus Sunday
35 Rumple Foreskin Stuttgart Paid Lift (Flying Chicken), Bus Sunday
36 Multiple Entry Vindobona Paid Bus
37 The Famous Pimpsqueak Vindobona Paid Car
38 Scarlet Pimpernel Vindobona Paid Car
39 Null Cumma Josef Vindobona Paid Car
40 Birdbrian Munich Paid Bus
41 Baggy Snatch Munich Paid Car
42 Half Monty Munich Paid Car
43 Cleopatra Mersey Thirstday Paid Rent Car
44 Overdrive Mersey Thirstday Paid Rent Car
45 Kun't Tell Ya! (Kuty Pi) Vindobona Paid Lift (Lord Glo-Balls)
46 Mind the Gap Vindobona Paid Lift (Lord Glo-Balls)
47 Cannon Fodder SNONAD Paid Bus
48 Likk'mm B.I.T.CH H3 H3 Paid Bus
49 Tickpleaser Vindobona Paid Car
50 My Pint of View Vindobona Paid Car
51 Little Richard Vindobona Paid Car
52 "Thitipha Z" Vindobona Paid Car
53 Biggles Copenhagen Paid Bus
54 E.T. Copenhagen Paid Bus
55 Bushsquatter Hastings Paid Lift (Overdrive)
56 Cliffbanger Hastings Paid Lift (Overdrive)
57 Septic Yank Vindobona Paid Car
58 Merry Me Vindobona Paid Car
59 Chunderos Surrey Paid Lift (Groinbiter)
60 Tequil'over Surrey Paid Lift (Groinbiter)
61 Joy Stick Vindobona Paid Car
62 Joy Ride Vindobona Paid Car
63 Fully Distilled Cardiff Paid Bus
64 Monsoon Drain Edinburgh Cancelled Cancelled
65 Bus Stopper Edinburgh Cancelled Cancelled
66 Foggy Glasses Bergen Paid Bus
67 Whoppa Vindobona Paid Car
68 Pocahontits Vindobona Paid Car
69 Glory Daze Vindobona Paid Bus
70 Calapso Copenhagen Viking Wankers Paid Bus
71 Fanny Chill Copenhagen Viking Wankers Paid Bus
72 Chief Ironhat Zagreb Paid Car
73 "Mirjana E" Zagreb Paid Car
74 The Great Kuntini Vindobona Paid Car
75 Richard Kopf Vindobona Paid Car
76 Red Worm Zagreb Paid Car
77 "Kornelija V" Zagreb Paid Car
78 Sleeping Partner Copenhagen Paid Car
79 Flying Dutchman Vindobona Paid Car
80 Boney M Vindobona Paid Car
81 Sh*t for Brains Guildford Paid Bus
82 No Nookie Guildford Paid Bus
83 Loping Scrotum Copenhagen Viking Wankers Paid Bus
84 Erectus Maximus ex-Munich Paid Cancelled
85 Body Shop GH3/SH3/W&NK & Barnes Paid Bus
86 Birthing Blanket GH3/SH3/W&NK & Barnes Paid Bus
87 ThirStig Copenhagen Paid Car
88 "Karen W" Copenhagen Paid Car
89 "Minxin D" Copenhagen Paid Bus
90 Kiss my Arse Vindobona Paid Bus
91 Eileen Critchley (Lounge Lizard) Munich Paid Bus
92 Fire Thighs Munich Cancelled Cancelled
93 Red Jumper Vindobona Paid Car
94 Green Jumper Vindobona Paid Car
95 Cosmo Munich Paid Bus
96 Pussy Galore Vindobona Paid Car
97 "Maria T" Vindobona Paid Car
98 "Matthias T" Vindobona Paid Car
99 Sir John Shooter Zagreb Paid Car
100 Lady Shooter Zagreb Paid Car
101 "Hector F" Vindobona Paid Bus
102 Standing There Vindobona Paid Bus
103 "Chloe M" Munich Paid Car

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