CuM in Vienna for our 900th

The Europariah Hash Weekend.

Emergency Phone Numbers for the Weekend

Location When Valid Number
Crossfield's Australian Pub During Friday Night Registration (8 p.m. to 1 a.m.) 513-0881-16
Peschl Residence Before Start of Saturday Run (before 1.30 p.m.) 02244-2778
Pirat (Rowing Club) During Saturday Night Party (8 p.m. to 1 a.m.) 263-3417
Emergency Number - John "Glo-Balls" Russell Any Time 0664-415-4225
Emergency Number - Glenn "Needleman" Sibbitt Any Time 0676-499-2585 the Vindobona 900th Run in Vienna, Austria on the weekend 26 - 28 May 2000.


Here is our latest plan for the 900th :-

Friday 26th May - Crossfields Australian Pub - 6 p.m. - Registration

Meet at Crossfields Australian Pub, Maysedergasse 5, 1st district.  This pub is in a small street off Kärntnerstrasse, just behind the Opera and the Sacher Hotel in central Vienna. 

To get there, first you have to drive or use public transport to get to the Opera (Staatsoper or State Opera House). This is a famous landmark and anyone in Vienna should be able to tell you how to get there.

If you are driving to Vienna, just follow the "Zentrum" sign until you get to the ring road which circles the 1st district and drive around the ring road until you see the Opera or you reach the part of the ring road called the Opernring and park. Please note there is an outer ring road in Vienna called the Gürtel which is not the road you want. If you have problems parking, there is an underground car park right next to the Opera, which costs money but takes all kinds of plastic cards.

If you are coming by train or plane, just find your way onto the U-Bahn (underground railway) network and go to the Karlsplatz stop on the U1. Exit from the Karlsplatz station, following signs for the Opera (Opern in German).

When you get to the Opera, find the Kärntnerstrasse, which runs down the right hand side of the Opera, if you are looking at the front of the Opera building. Walk down Kärntnerstrasse and cross Walfishgasse into the pedestrian area. Take the next left turn, which is Maysedergasse and you should find the pub (Crossfields Australian Pub) at the sign of the Kangaroo on your left.

We are in the back room in the cellar, go down the staris and keep turning right until you find us. We will be there from 8 pm until about 1 am on Friday.

Before running in Austria, you will be required to register with a number of Austrian bureaucrats, cleverly disguised as local Hashers, and situated in some of the best pubs in this part of Vienna. You will be given a Passport and some instructions and then you will need to obtain a visa, a work permit, a social security card, a tax number etc. After this registration procedure, cunningly disguised as a pub crawl, you will then be in a fit condition to run on Saturday.

A limited number of drinks will be included in your registration fee. Any drinks beyond this limit and any food you buy, you will have to pay for.

During registration you will get a goody bag containing the T-Shirt, some other gifts and full directions to all the other events during the weekend.

Saturday 27th May - Peschl Palace, Bisamberggasse 10, Langenzersdorf - 1.30 p.m. - 900 Hash

Directions: Find you way to the Donauüferautobahn (A22 or E49 or E59) going in the Northwards direction following signs for Prague (Praha) and Brno. This is the motorway which runs along the side of the Danube on the side away from the city, and you will have to cross the Danube to find it, if you are staying in the city. Leave the Autobahn at the exit signposted Strebersdorf. When you get to the main road (Pragerstrasse), turn left (following signs for Langenzersdorf) and drive through Strebersdorf. After Strebersdorf, you will get to Langenzersdorf. Just after passing through the main square (Hauptplatz) in Langenzersdorf, turn right into Bisamberggasse and park where you can. The turning is at the 7th traffic light after entering Langenzersdorf, or at the 2nd traffic light after the Hauptplatz. Unfortunately the main square (Hauptplatz) does not like much like a town square! We will put a sign up at the turning, look for HHH or VH3.

If you get lost, you can call 02244-2778 or 0664-415-4225.

By Public Transport: Take the underground line U6, Schnellbahn S1, S2 or S3, or various tram lines to Floridsdorf. From Floridsdorf, take the BahnBus 232 in the direction of Korneuburg. Get off at bus stop at the end of Bisambergasse. This takes about 15 minutes from Floridsdorf and the bus runs every 20 minutes, so try to be in Floridsdorf before 1 p.m. and catch the 1 p.m. bus and you should make it.

Blue Book Map Reference: p 78 B/11.

After the run there will be a few beers to drink, some breads and spreads, and many Down-Downs.

Saturday 27th May - Pirat Rowing Club, Am Kaisermühlendamm 92  - 7.30 p.m. - Theme?

Saturday evening will be a decent meal with music and plenty to drink, all included in your registration fee.

There will be a tombola/raffle.  Please bring something (a bottle of wine/spirits or a T-shirt?) as a prize and give it to Hash Cash (John "Glo-Balls" Russell).

There will be a competition for the best/rudest Hash Song. Please do not re-hearse for this, we will just require each Hash to put forward a team to sing a song and there will be a panel of completely biased judges from Vindobona who will choose the best for a prize.

Directions:   From the Reichsbrücke, turn on to the A22 motorway going south towards the Praterbrücke, but before you get to the Praterbrücke, leave the Autobahn at the Kaisermühlen exit.  Turn left at the end of the slip road, cross over the motorway and then turn right so that you are now on the Am Kaisermühlendamm heading south as before.  Drive along until you reach a No Entry sign and you will see the Pirat Rowing Club on your left on the corner with Dampschiffhaufen.

If you are traveling by public transport, take the U1 to the VIC/Kaisermühlen stop and then take the 91A or 92A bus to Dampschiffhaufen.

Sunday 28th May - Ernst-Happel Stadion, Prater - 11 a.m. Hangover Run

At 11 a.m. there will be a hangover run starting from the Ernst-Happel Stadion in the Prater. This will be a gentle run around the touristic bits of Vienna, followed by some more Down-Downs, lunch and then we all go home. You pay for lunch and any drinks consumed at the Restaurant

Directions :From the Süd-Ost Tangente (A23) take the Handelskai exit and drive along the Handelskai following the signs to the Stadion. Turn left into Meiereistr. (following the Stadion sign) and drive just past the Ernst-Happel Stadion and enter the car park on left (it is sign-posted with a P 30m sign).

By Public Transport :Take the U3 to Schlachthausgase and then the 80B bus to the Stadion


Cost will be AS 700. This will include a T-shirt and other presents in a goody bag, beer after the runs, food Saturday night and a limited number of drinks Friday and Saturday night. It will not include accommodation, food on Friday night, Saturday or Sunday lunch time, or any drinks you consume beyond the limit on Friday or Saturday night. We know that this is more expensive than recent events in nearby countries, but unfortunately Vienna is one of the most expensive cities in Europe.

Payment Details

Please send a Eurocheque for AS 700 or a cheque for £30.50, drawn on a UK clearing bank. In both cases the cheque should be made out to "John Russell".

The Austrian Schilling is currently around AS 23 to the £ and AS 14.50 to the $.

If you are from outside of Europe and cannot manage either of these payment methods, you are allowed to register without payment and we will figure something out!


We will offer crash space for those who would prefer to stay with a Vindobona Hasher and/or would like to save money. The crash space is limited so please register early if you want this.

We can arrange accommodation at a reasonably priced Hotel, please let us know and we will send you details of possibilities. Or you can search for a hotel at the Vienna Tourist Board Site.

Emergency Phone Numbers for the Weekend

Location When Valid Number
Crossfield's Australian Pub During Friday Night Registration (8 p.m. to 1 a.m.) 513-0881-16
Peschl Residence Before Start of Saturday Run (before 1.30 p.m.) 02244-2778
Pirat (Rowing Club) During Saturday Night Party (8 p.m. to 1 a.m.) 263-3417
Emergency Number - John "Glo-Balls" Russell Any Time 0664-415-4225
Emergency Number - Glenn "Needleman" Sibbitt Any Time 0676-499-2585

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