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Run 777- Terminus of 60 Tram, Rodaun- Saturday Afternoon (25 April 1998)
Hares: Rowdy Tom and Marie Tamponette
Garnished with about 20 salubrious pals from such scenic places like Prague, Bratislava, San Diego even, Spain (was it Madrid?), England, Denmark (GROUND CONTROL! and his lovely wife) and Ankara (yes, my old Partner in crime Barracuda <Ex-Paris RA) had made it all the way) the long-awaited event finally took place beneath friendly skies. Well I have to say that I did set many a Hash but never in such a rush than with my friend Rowdy Tom. German Gründlichkeit and a flat car tyre forced us to race it over as quickly as possible, which often left me stumbling behind him somewhere. Slowly a good crowd of approx 50/60 gathered together and, during the usual family photo session, our Honorary Guest (Slick Willie) called to let Munk know that he’d attend the Fundraising Event in the Evening, which he did (more of that later). A sight to see were all the red Caps and the Blue Berets plus the picturesque Tee-Shirts. Well, the start put the Die-Hards off already as we chose a decent uphill section. Crossing the local vineyards and the Perchtoldsdorf City Center seemed to be appealing. Right on the Marktplatz the smart FRB’s oversaw a Monica Check (there are no ladies on the Hash). Finding the trail again took some time and let again to some charming parts of the village, including the sight of the Dark Side of Munk’s Moon (i.e.his bum – photo to be found somewhere in this edition). Orgasmus Retardus excelled himself with a somewhat fast-walking version due to spine problems, the only thing missing definitely was a turbo walking stick. The first Hash View took place on the Hochberg, the first of many great panoramas on that day, although I’m sure that RARK contributed nothing to the perfect meteorological conditions. The Beer Stop came up shortly after and it was very, very difficult to make the lazy farts running again, but at least the FRB’s hit the nearby Checkback straight away. The main and extensive vineyards came up and it was a jolly shame how long it took the gang to get to the next check, some ball-busting business already took place in the mean time.

[insert group photo here]

Some Ups and Downs later (we must have crossed most of the damn area) we came upon the Song Stop, led by the invincible Canada Dry (my Co-Editor amongst other things, he produced the fabulous Arkansas Trash Magazine!) Rowdy Tom prepared a speciality for our guests, which was a short climb up a rocky wall, to make it real Austrian we stopped by a near Heurigen for 50 Achterln and some Mineral Water which made the whole thing enjoyable and it was a very interesting race back to the On In, led by Glo-Balls, being followed by a desperate Munk who wanted to set things straight after Glo-Balls won a recent Hash in front of the Munk. The Circle featured some breads and spreads and seemed to last forever. The outstanding moments were a spectacular grimy naming session for Andy Kilbourne, from now on known as Paco de Lies, and our old friend Barracuda (Ankara RA), who awarded some Euro-Hash Tee-Shirts to certain Harriettes so we could N-Joy a dress changing scene.

[inert photo of Munk et al here]

All in all another enriching experience, what can I say?

The Arkansas Hillbilly Fundraising Event - Saturday Evening
took place in the Pirat Rowing Club where the food was agreeable on the Disk Jockey in good Spirits. Highlights on that Evening were RARK who tried to burn the House down as he put his Monica Prints straight upon a candle, his example was followed by our American guest from Madrid who tried to set the house on fire by throwing a candle down on the floor. Orgasmus Retardus introduced some Billabong feeling with his sloppy Oz hat. Paco de Lies impressed the Girls a lot with a powerful Blues rendition and the main act of course was the appearance of our HONORARY GUESTS Slick Willie and Monica L. The president’s powerful speech to the State of the Union was rudely interrupted by some twitching movements and some peculiar noises, well, Sexy Monica finished him up in her high heels and addressed the audience afterwards in a suitable manner. Good party, thanks for inviting me.
The Hangover Run (778) - Sunday Morning in Karlsplatz (26 April 1998)
Hares: Munk, Barracuda and Marie Tamponette (again)
How could I be so stupid to let myself wind up doing the Hangover run as well? RARK and my Sex Energy were supposed to be the Hares, the first excelled himself with scottish unreliability and the second simply stated that she would have to take care of our visitor Barracuda, who together with the indestructible Munk helped me out of my misery, but that’s probably part of female logic, so there you go. After the Party it was a bit difficult for some of you to find the way to Karlsplatz but a good 40 people made it after all. We started off towards the Künstlerhaus, Musikverein and the Opera and blah blah blah, garnished with the usual cultural explanations by a decently hung-over Munk. After all the Hangover run should be something scenic and loose to freshen up your weary guts and legs. The trail, which I must state was very well chosen by the Munk, led up the stairs to the Albertina and back again over the Josefsplatz through the Hofburg, Minoritenplatz („Hey Idiot, On On is straight" – Quote Munk) straight into the Volksgarten where were learned something about our beloved Sissi, not only was she the „Lady Di of the Habsburg family" but a well known transvestite with the Istanbul(?) Hash, according to Barracuda. Well, the usual Father Abraham took place in front of the Sissi Monument instead of the forefront of the Presidential Balcony (King Ralph, schau oba!) and the weary pack passed by the Statue of Maria Theresia between our two lovely Museums (which are closed most of the time anyway), only to continue towards the Academy of fine arts (did you know, had they accepted a certain Mr.Schicklgruber from Upper Austria to their ranks in 1907 or 1908, World War II would have probably been cancelled). Well, the last part, leading by the red-painted Secession Museum was highlighted only by the usual Mass Sprint or maybe there wasn’t any of that stuff happening as most of you people were still too hung over to race but the whole thing happened anyway and as some sort of brain junk food provider I should stop now before writing myself into deeper trouble. Well, it was fun, let’s all hope that Slick Willie received his invite after all and had a good laugh about the whole thing. We certainly did.
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