1st Austrian Nash Hash - 17 to 19 June 2005 - Registrations

Registration No. Home Hash Hash Name Status
1 Vindobona Glo-Balls Paid (F)
2 Vindobona Marie Tamponette Paid (F)
3 Vindobona Sex Energy Paid (F)
4 Vindobona Free Willie Paid (F)
6 Bratislava Hot Flash Cancelled
7 Bratislava Wankomat Cancelled
8 Zagreb Belly Button Paid (F)
9 Munich Cumming Numb Paid (F)
10 Prague Private Dancer Pay on weekend
11 Prague Yankee Dong Paid (F)
12 Prague/Vindobona BB: Brigitte Burda Paid (F)
13 Vindobona Mr. Bob Dovalino Cancelled
14 Vindobona Frequently French Cancelled
16 Vindobona Casting Couch Paid (F)
17 Vindobona Dr. O.K. Paid (F)
18 Vindobona Baby Androsch Paid (F)
19 Travelling Hashburgs Bootlegg Sister Cancelled (Paid) (F)
20 Travelling Hashburgs Needleman Cancelled (Paid) (F)
21 Vindobona Ice Queen Paid (F)
22 Vindobona Slush Puppie Paid (F)
23 Budapest The F*cking Oracle Paid (F)
25 Sarajevo Jock Strap Refunded
26 Budapest Hot Lips Paid (F)
27 Budapest Left Behind Paid (F)
28 Prague Spermdoctor Paid (F)
31 Prague HotROD Paid (F)
32 Sarajevo Stiff Meat (please please me) Cancelled
33 London Trigamist Paid (F)
34 Vindobona Whoppa Paid (F)
35 Vindobona Pocahontits Paid (F)
36 Vindobona Munk Paid (F)
37 Vindobona Squeeze Box Mama Paid (F)
38 Vindobona The Famous Pimpsqueak Cancelled
39 Vindobona Scarlet Pimpernel Cancelled
40 Vindobona Matter over Mind (MOM) Paid
41 Vindobona Null Cumma Josef Paid (F)
42 Vindobona "Sabine F" Paid (F)
43 Vindobona Moosehead Paid (F)
44 Vindobona The Final Kuntdown Cancelled
45 Vindobona Red Aunt Cancelled
46 Vindobona My Pint of View Paid (F)
47 Vindobona Stormin' Norman Paid (F)
48 Vindobona Road Runner Paid (F)
49 Munich Joystick Paid (F)
50 Budapest Sir Dickman Paid (F)
51 Budapest "Lysberth I" Cancelled
52 Budapest Rabies Paid (F)
53 Vindobona Afterglow (My Sister's Glowing K'unt) Paid (F)
54 Vindobona xx-rark Paid
55 London Sweety Cancelled
56 Vindobona Multiple Entry Paid (F)
57 Vindobona Gwana Cancelled (Paid) (F)
58 Vindobona Frau Brau Cancelled (Paid) (F)
59 Vindobona Korko Cancelled
60 Wuerzburg Papsmear Paid (F)
61 Fresch-Nofels-Bangs Likk'mm Paid (F)
62 Prague Bouncing Czech Paid (F)
63 Budapest Run by Battery Cancelled
64 Vindobona Mind the Gap Paid (F)
65 Zagreb Chief Ironhat Pay on weekend
66 Zagreb Wife of Chief Ironhat Pay on weekend
67 Zagreb Antibiotics Pay on weekend
68 Zagreb Sir John Shooter Pay on weekend
69 Zagreb Bummer McAgram Pay on weekend
70 Zagreb Lady Shooter Pay on weekend
71 Riviera Sinex Paid (F)
72 Riviera The Bag Paid (F)
73 Sarajevo Pippi Longcocking Cancelled
74 Frankfurt Pink Frits Cancelled
75 Frankfurt Mrs. Pink Frits Cancelled
76 Frankfurt Ms. Pink Frits Cancelled
77 Frankfurt Roll in it Paid
78 Frankfurt Pink Panter Paid
79 Vindobona American Pie Cancelled
80 Vindobona Kuntry Muschik Paid (F)
81 Vindobona Gang Bang Paid (F)
86 Budapest Linga Longa Cancelled
87 Munich Thunder Thighs Paid (F)
88 Munich Elvis Paid (F)
89 Munich Gone Flat Cancelled
90 Vindobona Sperminator Pay on weekend
91 Vindobona Bottomless Cancelled
92 Vindobona Spent Seed Pay on weekend
93 Vindobona Comes Quicker Cancelled
94 Graz Organator Paid
95 Graz Cheesy Dick Cancelled
96 Graz Retard Cancelled
97 Graz "Christian Z" Cancelled
98 Graz "Kay B" Cancelled
99 Graz "Angelika M" Cancelled
100 Graz "Markus U" Cancelled
101 Graz My Little Pony Cancelled
102 Graz "Chris S" Cancelled
103 Vindobona Crag Rat Paid (F)
104 Vindobona Minnie Mouse Cancelled
105 Vindobona Flasher Paid
106 Geneva Sex Club Early Bird
108 Munich Horny Bee Cancelled
109 Vindobona Death to Flying Things Paid (F)
110 Orange County Hookie Pookie Cancelled
112 Vindobona Septic Yank Paid (F)
113 Vindobona Marry Me Paid (F)
114 Royal Milan and Bordighera Tonedeaf Paid (F)
115 Royal Milan and Bordighera Sofa Paid (F)
116 Vindobona Sex Immigrant Paid
117 Vindobona Marathon Man Paid
119 Frankfurt Hitman Cancelled
120 Würzburg Jefe Lengua Paid (F)
121 Würzburg Squeaky ChiChi Paid (F)
122 Vindobona "Bernd L" Cancelled
123 Vindobona "Michaela L" Cancelled
124 Budapest "Judith M" Cancelled
125 Budapest "Lyn D" Cancelled
126 ??? Goldilocks Cancelled
127 Vindobona King Ralph Pay on weekend (F)
128 Amsterdam P TWANG Paid (F)
129 Frankfurt The Wolf Paid (F)
130 Frankfurt Dragon Lady Paid (F)
131 Budapest Half-Arse Paid (F)
132 Würzburg Sleeping Booty Cancelled
133 Bratislava "Nigel T" Paid (F)
134 Bratislava Dog Shit Paid (F)
135 Bali Leak Gundul Paid (F)
136 Bali G.Spot Paid (F)
137 Vindobona Alice Paid (F)
138 Zagreb Condom Burster Pay on weekend (F)
139 Vindobona/Munich Eileen (Lounge Lizard) Paid (F)
140 Vindobona/Munich Holy Ghost Paid (F)
141 Frankfurt Father Abraham Paid (F)
142 Frankfurt Hellcat Paid (F)
143 Vindobona Dodgy Condom Paid (F)
144 Vindobona "Jirina H" Paid
145 Nelson, New Zealand Sierra Hornie Cancelled
146 Nelson, New Zealand Masterbaker Cancelled
147 Vindobona "Carmen J" Paid
148 Vindobona "Guenter W" Paid
149 Vindobona Sure Likes to Ball Paid
150  R2D2H3 (Hampshire, UK) Houdini Paid (F)
151 Budapest Air Plugged Pay on weekend (F)
152 Vindobona Sharon Pebble Pay on weekend
153 Vindobona "Jade B" Pay on weekend
154 Vindobona Deo Pay on weekend
155 Vindobona Knoedelmitei Pay on weekend
156 Vindobona Pussy Galore Pay on weekend
157 Vindobona "Maria G" Pay on weekend
158 Vindobona "Igor S" Pay on weekend
159 Vindobona Molotov's Vagina Pay on weekend

(F) Indicates registration completed by filling in the Registration Form

Waiting List

Registration No. Home Hash Hash Name Status
5 Riviera Incredible Hulk No Response
15 Sarajevo 2nd Cumin' No Response
24 Munich Baggy Snatch No Response
29 Ankara G-Spot No Response
30 Ankara Panties No Response
82 Rome WAD No Response
83 Rome Mastikator No Response
84 Rome AlwaysCums No Response
85 Barnes flybynyt No Response
107 Swiss Franc(e) Pedigree Scum No Response
111 Bratislava Blava Duck No Response
118 Vindobona Prima Ballerina No Response

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