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Vindobona Hash House Harriers - 1700th Hash Weekend - The Great Train Brewery -

Oldest Breweries, Vintage Train and Ageless Hashers

 16 - 18 May 2014

Weitra, Waldviertel, Lower Austria

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Krems Coat of Arms

The Vindobona Hash House Harriers will be celebrating the 1700th Anniversary in Weitra, Waldviertel, Lower Austria. This celebration will be on the weekend of 16-18 May 2012.

Weitra is a small town of 3,000 people located within the rural Waldviertel region on the upper Lainsitz (Lu˛nice) river, near the border with the Czech Republic. You can read more about the history in this link, but the most important part is that Weitra is known as the oldest beer-producing site in Austria with several breweries documented since the 14th century.  The second most important fact is that in 1903, the town received access to a narrow gauge railway line to Gmünd, since 2001 run as a heritage railway. The journey time from Vienna is about an hour and 50 minutes (150 km) by car or 2 hours 40 minutes by train and bus (via Gmund). If you are flying to Vienna, then allow more time as the airport is the other side of Vienna. Make sure your return flight is fairly late on Sunday evening, if you choose to return that day.

We will be staying at the Brauhotel in the centre of Weitra (see photo below). The hotel is conveniently next to the town square and 5 minutes walk from the main bus station (ATN Weitra Busbahnhof - Sparkassenplatz), and more importantly has its own brewery.

Weitra Castle
Weitra Castle
Brauhotel Weitra
Brauhotel Weitra
Weitra Town Square
Weitra Town Square (Rathausplatz)

This hotel can accommodate up to 64 in double rooms. We will book the hotel rooms at a special price, and all of this is included in the price. The Brauhotel source all of the food used in its meals from high quality local producers and most of it is organic. If you have any special requests like cots for babies or an extra bed for children, please let us know. There is an infra-red cabin and sauna available for guests.

For those that like to dress up, there will be a Theme for Saturday night - to be announced later. Be prepared to be dress appropriately to make most of the fun. We are still arranging music or some other form of entertainment for Friday and Saturday evening.

Details for travelling by Public Transport

Detailed route from Vienna (Kaisenmuehlendamm) to Weitra. Ignore the first few turns, just get on the Donauuferautobahn (A22) heading North (towards Stockerau) and then follow the instructions in this route planner (ÖAMTC).

Parking - When you get to Weitra, go into the old town (very narrow entrance, watch for car coming out, but you have priority going into the town). As soon as you have passed through this narrow entrance you will reachthe old town square Rathausplatz), the hotel is on your right (Brauhotel Weitra). You can dump your passengers and luggage outside the hotel, but do not park in the square as it is a Kurzparkzone on Saturday Morning and you will get a fine. After leaving the passengers and luggage at the hotel, you will probably need to reverse a bit to find your way down the first right (Kirchengasse) inside the town wall, which is to the right of the hotel. Drive down this about 150 meters until you see a Blue P sign and a gap in the wall on your right, opposite the church. There is a large car park for hotel guests here.

Agenda for Weekend (please note this is subject to change with no notice, in typical Hash Mismanagement tradition)  

3rd Man

Thursday - 15 May - Pre-Lube in Vienna - The 4th Man

Look at our normal schedule page for details.

Friday - 16 May

If you are driving and have a SatNav just use this address:- Rathausplatz 6, 3970 Weitra, Austria. You can unload your luggage in front of the hotel, but the Rathausplatz (town square) is short term parking until lunch time on Saturday, so on Friday night you will have to park you car in the church square (Kirchplatz) or the car park in front of the town gate (Stadttor). These are around 100 or 150 meters from the hotel.

18:30 to 20:00 Registration - Registration will also open later, after Lord Glo-Balls has finished dinner and continue until midnight.

20:00 Dinner  - We will try to keep some food for the latecomers, so please let us know on the form.

21:00 Pub Crawl, followed by a circle. Hares: Lopsided Backside and Ice Queen.

Saturday - 17 May  


08:00 Breakfast. You will be asked to select a main course for Saturday Dinner on a sign-up sheet on the table, during breakfast.

09:00 Meet in front of Hotel for a day of running, eating and drinking. There will be a walkers trail and shortcuts for those who wish to minimize the running. 

The run will be include several drink stops and a lunch.  Hares: Mind the Gap, Sex-O-Phone, Root C, Richardkopf and Flying Dutchman.

17:00 Tour of Hotel Brewery. Includes samples of the beer.

20:00 Dinner. Please be on time, or you may miss out (if you are later, we will assume you have crashed and do not want dinner!)

Theme for Saturday Evening - The Great Train Robbery - Dress as Cops, Robbers or Railway People (Driver, Guard, Signaller, Station Master etc.)

21:00 Dancing and Partying until late - Music.

Sunday - 18 May

11:00 Hangover Run, followed by circle and goodbyes. Hare: Joy Stick. Lunch is not provided in the run fee, but is available in the hotel at your own expense. If you want a shower after the Hash, please use the showers by the sauna. The official weekend ends after the Circle on the Hangover Hash. Lunch and/or anything after the Circle ends is not included in the weekend fee.

Monday - 19 May

We will have our normal Hash at 18:30 in Vienna (Inzersdorf) and you are welcome to join us there. See our normal Schedule page for details.

Registration (on Friday)

Registration will open at 18:30 and close at 20:00 (on Friday) Registration will re-open when Lord Glo-Balls has finished dinner, probably around 21:00 or so and will close around mid-night. Any latecomers can register at breakfast on Saturday morning. On arrival, it is best to get the key to your room (at any time from the Hotel Reception) find your room, then register with Lord Glo-Balls later. The Hotel will have a list of rooms and participants, so they can give you the correct key.

The Hash fee includes all meals over the weekend, (not Sunday Lunch), plus all you can drink after the run and during the meals, plus Haberdashery, plus Music. It also includes the 2 nights at the Hotel and various expenses during the weekend. It does not include the Pre-Lube on Thursday or Sunday Lunch. Note that you can register 2 Hashers on one form, but please check the size of the T-Shirt for your partner before you do this.

Book early (before the end of February 2014) and get all of this for € 200. The price may seem high, but you will get great value for money on the weekend..

List of Registered Hashers (Who's Cumming)


To make life easy, payment is due any time before the 31 March 2013, but you are welcome to pay as soon as you register. See the Payment Page for full details of how to pay and the various amounts in Euros, US$ and UK£. VH3 participants are encouraged to pay cash during a Hash between now and the end of March. Reminders will be sent out as the deadlines approach. 

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